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grow your brand & business through the power of video


Welcome to Westhoff Media- a Tulsa video production agency. We are a skilled team of creatives with a passion for artistic quality and attention to detail. We are here to champion your story and help you connect & inspire your audience through the power of video production. We value developing relationships that last and being a trusted creative partner that helps you achieve your goals.


Tell Your story

In a world with 5 second attention spans- how is it that people can pay attention to a 90 minute movie? Is has to do with the power of effective story telling. Story’s capture our attention like poop else. The psychology behind this is fascinating. Want to learn more about how we use the power of storytelling in video? Schedule A Consult and we will be happy to share all our secrets with you!

engage your audience

The goal is not to get someone to just watch your video (though that’s a good starting point!). The goal is to inspire your audience to take action. To get conversations started. To get people to respond to your message. We’d love to hear what your needing from your audience, and craft a video that get’s your audience to engage and take action.

grow your brand & influence

Video gives your business/brand the greatest visibility and reach, bar none. No other medium even comes close. Pair a compelling, intellectually engaging video with strategic video marketing campaigns- the results are going to be good. Very good. Want to learn more about how we can help you create effective video campaigns? Schedule a consult by clicking the button below. 

Video For Business

1- Create Trust. 2- Share Value. 3- Capture Attention. 4- Grow Your Reach. 5- Inspire Your Audience. 6- Grow Sales.  Click below to learn more about how quality video production and content can positively impact your business.

creative video

What separates amazing creative video from average? It’s not just the best 4K gear- its about who’s behind the camera, and the attention to detail that goes into a project. Click below to learn more about our approach when it comes to creative video production.


Solve YOUR Problems

SHOWCASE Authenticity


We believe in solving real problems. This means we care about your biggest needs and working with you to solve them. We believe in producing something real. People are searching for what (and who) they can trust, and will choose to do business with brands they can connect with. And most importantly, we believe in your story. Your story is authentic. People care more about a story they can relate to than anything else. Whatever your goal may be, story telling can help you achieve it.


Westhoff Media was quick to identify and understand the story we were trying to tell and capture it in a thoughtful way. I strongly urge you to work with Westhoff. A team of creatives that can articulate your vision through the lens of a camera and beyond.

Brady B, Owner @ Press Cafe & Yoga

Westhoff Media is very easy to work with and has been well-received by all my clients. Their video work is second to none. The end product has been amazing and comparable to anything you would find on the coasts.

Gina B, Owner @ Bradford Marketing

Westhoff Media just get’s it. They are flexible to my needs, no matter the size of the project. And the quality of the work make’s my business look really good. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.

David J, CEO @ David J Enterprises